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Teeth Whitening Marylebone, Bloomsbury, Kings Cross, Notting Hill & West Kensington

Tooth Whitening in Baker Street, Marylebone, Kings Cross and Notting Hill

Many patients at Bond Dental want a clean and bright-looking smile.

Discolouration and staining of teeth can happen naturally over time, and can also be worsened by certain drinks, such as coffee or red wine. Smoking can also change the colour of teeth very gradually.

We have a number of whitening treatments available at Bond Dental which are undertaken using different applications. Our options range from Boutique Whitening, where teeth whitening trays are worn overnight to whiten teeth gradually, to Laser Whitening, where the teeth are treated with a laser-activated bleaching gel.

We want to provide our patients with a range of treatments which fits their needs and preferences, and we are always happy to discuss options with you.

Whitening options:

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