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Dentist in Marylebone
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“What a brilliant piece of work you carried out. Has cheered me up enormously”


“Kev my dentist has been the best that I have ever had. He is very skilled and kind in ensuring I am not in pain and in a panic. My teeth are looking healthy and clean now”


“Kev is a genius, we were chatting, laughing and joking all the way through my root canal. That’s talent”


“Dear Kev, thank you for all your help the past years! Best Dentist in London


“Dentist was informative and approachable, I felt at ease after 2 minutes”

“Great dentist, knowledgeable and friendly!”

“Fabulous Dentist! Lovely man!”

“Kev is such an amazing dentist and kind man, I always feel relaxed when laying down on the dental chair. He is very polite and friendly”