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Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

When you experience pain or sensitivity in your teeth, it is not your gums which feel the sensation, but the tooth nerve which runs through the tooth’s soft dental pulp.

If you start to experience pain, swelling, and discolouration of a tooth, it is likely you have developed an infection of the soft tissue. Antibiotics can be used to fight the infection and resolve the issue, but if the infection is persistent, a Root Canal may be required.

Root Canal Surgery

Also known as an Apisectomy, Root Canal Surgery is a procedure which removes the infected soft tissue from the canal system. By entering through your symptomatic tooth to reach the site of the infection, your Endodontist will remove the infected tissue before filling the treated root canal. The tooth is then sealed with a Filling or a Crown, so the structure of the tooth is maintained.

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