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Nervous Patients

Having anxieties about dental treatment and being nervous before a Dentist appointment is remarkably common.

For many patients, this can prevent them from attending regular examinations, and often they will avoid the Dentist even when struggling with a painful oral problem. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, neglecting the issue can result in needing more treatment when they do eventually visit their Dentist.

We understand and are here to help

All our patients at Bond Dental are made to feel as comfortable as possible, and this is even more important for patients who are particularly nervous. All our Dental Professionals are trained to help put your mind at ease, and our focus is always on giving you a positive experience.

If you are nervous about any aspect of dental treatment, or even about coming to Bond Dental for a check-up, we are here to listen and help. If you let our Dental Professionals know that you or your child is worried or anxious, we will guide you through your visit and make sure you are relaxed.

Optional sedation during treatment

Some patients would prefer the option of having a mild sedation during their procedures, and this is a service we are happy to provide. One of our Dental Professionals will administer you with an intravenous sedative, and you will be supported throughout your treatment and recovery whilst at the practice.

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