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Prosthodontics (Replacement of missing teeth)

We understand the effect of losing a tooth is not only cosmetic but can also be functional and affect your ability to chew or talk.

The psychological impact of losing one or more teeth is something that we as a Dental Practice understand. Many patients who lose teeth feel self-conscious about their appearance. At Bond Dental, we want you to feel like you can smile and interact with confidence, and we are here to support you through whichever treatment you choose for your missing teeth. Treatment options include:

  • Dentures – removable full or partial appliances.
  • Dental Implants – permanent single or multiple tooth replacement.
  • Dental Bridges – supported by teeth on either side it bridges the gap and looks natural.

Causes of tooth loss

The two primary causes of tooth loss are tooth decay and gum disease, issues that we try to address through our Preventative Dentistry approach.

Despite preventative actions, the loss and removal of teeth is sometimes unavoidable, particularly when caused by accidental damage or other health conditions. Bond Dental will always advise the most appropriate course of treatment for your tooth loss whilst supporting you and improving your well-being.

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