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One of the most common restorative dental treatments, Fillings are a way of repairing small cracks, cavities, and holes in the tooth caused by tooth decay.

They are simple treatments which can be completed during your appointment, and they can be performed with or without local anaesthetic.

What are Fillings made from?

A range of materials are used to create dental Fillings, each of which have different colours and properties. Your Dentist can help you decide which material is most suitable depending on your health, your preferences and what kind of cavity needs to be repaired.

  • Amalgam – This is a silver-coloured material made form a mixture of metals including silver, tin, mercury, and copper (From 1st July 2018, this material will no longer be used for children under 15 and pregnant or breastfeeding women)
  • Composite – A tooth-coloured white material made from a glass and resin mixture
  • Glass Ionomer – A tooth-coloured white material made from powdered glass which bonds chemically with the original tooth

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