Dentist in Marylebone and Bloomsbury
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Dental Hygienist in Marylebone, Kings Cross, Notting Hill & West Kensington

The role of our Dental Hygienist is to provide dental care advice and undertake basic procedures for oral care.

They work under the direction of our General Dentists to help show adults and children how to care for their teeth and gums properly. Our Dental Hygienist can also provide education on techniques for tooth brushing and flossing, as well as encouraging children to develop good oral hygiene habits.

Guidance and preventative treatment

Treatments delivered by our Dental Hygienist focus on treating and preventing gum disease, as well as other issues such as oral hygiene and bad breath. The most common procedure we offer for management of your oral health is Tooth Scaling and Polishing. Allowing us to undertake these regular cleans will help remove the inevitable build-up of plaque from the tooth, including below the gum line. Dental Hygienists also perform the application of any temporary tooth coatings or sealant treatments as directed by your Dentist.

Preventative dental treatments performed by our Dental Hygienist help improve your overall oral health and minimise the risk of future dental problems.

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